• The TolkienCraft Modpack

    I have a distinct love of all things Tolkien and of course Minecraft. I had originally created what was the first version of my pack back in 1.6.4 of Minecraft as a test and it was nothing more than your traditional modpack.

    Then along came 1.7.x and I decided I wanted to see if I could do something different and created TolkienCraft 2 as a fully immersive modpack with quests and housing and custom terrain and map. This was a labor of love for nearly 3 years with most of that time doing this solo. Though this was not a real sequel for my first modpack.

    Now here we are in 1.10.x and I am embarking on the true successor to TolkienCraft II. This modpack features a completely custom world to explore that is nearly identical to the Middle-earth you know and love from Tolkien's books.

  • About GreatOrator

    Gamer, parent, all-around fun guy :D I have always loved playing games and experimenting in new things like web design, domain registrations, coding, building custom computers, etc (yes there is even more I have done). I have been an avid Minecraft player for...5 years now I think (started playing just after 1.2.5 was released) but I do like to play other games mostly in the adventure/simulation/strategy/RPG genres mainly.

    Currently I am also one of the founding members of the Society of Squirrels along with ValsNoisyToys, TexCubSF and Goreae, later we invited BVB1979 to join us. It is just a small group of like-minded players who love to play games together.

    I have created a few modpacks over time, most notably the TolkienCraft modpacks, but also CivilizationCraft and FallCraft (still a WIP). My general intent in creating is to make something unique and to try to push the limits of the mods I use to make the maps possible; with the TolkienCraft modpack being revolutionary as the very first non adventure mode RPG modpack ever done for Minecraft.

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