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One ring to build them all….

Draconis is in danger. You arrive just as the call for help is sent across the land by the king looking for able-bodied citizens to join the guard to help with monster attacks that are on the rise!

Journey through a town that is thriving and interactive. Help the merchants out with tasks and slowly uncover the darker side of what is happening here and ultimately try to bring peace back to this troubled land.

Combining CustomNPC’s and HQM for a true MMO experience, you will talk to npc’s, kill bosses and adventure in the land of draconis in ways you have not yet experienced in a modpack!
Currently the only modpack to utilize the customnpc mod AND HQM together and featured on the customnpc website!

In an homage to the world’s of Tolkien(no ic2 here!) I have put together this modpack to bring back adventure to minecraft. Centered around a magic and low-tech theme, you can choose to become a farming magnate or travel to middle-earth and strive to be a powerful warrior or mage or even get married!

There is variety in the overworld as well! With Biome’s ‘O Plenty you will not only have a wide range of lands to visit and explore, but you will also have variety with Ars Magica, Roguelike Dungeons, and MineCraft Comes Alive. The adventuring has just begun!

Still not enough? Not only will you have access to all the overworld biomes and features but with Witchery and Extra Utilities you will have access to exotic dimensions to explore as well!

So have fun and enjoy the Fantasy world of Middle-Earth!


….and in the darkness mine them.


I want to thank everyone who helped make this pack getting listed on the FTB Launcher by default possible! You are all great and I could not be more excited for what this pack has become. Thank you, and thank everyone who is now playing this pack and doing youtube, you are all awesome!

Now with more map download – The map in future updates will be a separate download from the modpack to make it so you don’t have to download if you don’t need it.



The all-new and improved TolkienCraft modpack is now available! Quests used in a way you haven’t seen before (I hope) and not in a skyblock format.

Yes, that’s right, all the love and openess of standard modded minecraft with an MMO feel!

I do ask that anyone playing keep these things in mind:

  • The Regions that come with this modpack map should not be built in, as updates are released they will be overwritten.
  • The Mods are in relatively stable status, but are still considered beta. If you run across a crash, please report it at the modpacks website.
  • Quests are far from done, with many more planned in subsequent releases.
  • Bugs with quests, please report them at the modpack website as well.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – Please provide feedback.

Currently the version released is 2.9.0 for SSP and SMP.

Now with an un-official, official texture pack! Head over to BDCraft to check it out!

Also now with more server!  This is limited to 10 people. Thanks to a partnership with the guys at Aim2Game!.  If you are interested in using them as your minecraft host you can use promo code GO25 for 25% off of everything they offer for as long as you are a customer or GO50 for 50% off your first month!.

If you are interested in donating, here is a button finally 🙂

I would love it if anyone wanted to do a let’s play to showcase this pack and I know of a couple of servers that will be using this and I plan to list everyone here and at my website as I get their info.


Players Doing let’s plays:

Let’s Plays and Spotlights

First day walk-through:

Also featured on the website for CustomNPC’s


ModPack Spotlight by MeatyLock


I have made every effort to try to balance the mods in this pack against each other to maximize the fun.

Check back here to see all of the great things the new pack will bring!

Looking forward to any input and experiences anyone has with this pack!

as always – Happy Mining!


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